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tv   News 4 at Six  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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why fiori plans to get even more involved. >> rural america is under attack by the federal government. >> reporter: she's been watching events unfold in burns oregon. this week, there was bloodshed and arrest. the group's spokesman lavoy finicum was shot and killed while ammon bundy was arrested. bundy's lawyers spoke to reporters asking a handful of remaining members to stand down. >> turn yourselves in. do not use physical force. use the national platform that we have. >> they have brought wonderful attention to a problem that is ignored back east in the midwest and the areas that don't understand the vast land that we have. >> reporter: fiori agrees. she says federal policies and [ indiscernible ] bureaucrats are
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of western ranchers like the bundies. >> what they've done to ranchers across america -- and this is not an isolated incident with them. it's a pattern of behavior. >> reporter: she says this is a rural issue and it's one many don't understand. >> i ride atv's and shoot guns, but the bottom line, i live in the city and most city people don't understand rural america. >> reporter: but it is an issue she and others vow to keep in the spotlight. >> there's a presidential election coming up very soon. this is an issue that needs to be brought forward. >> reporter: i'm terri hendry, news 4. >> firoi says she intends to fight for western ranchers. chief meteorologist colin jackson joins us with a first check on the forecast.
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>> right. maybe 1 to 3 feet. we're going to experience that moisture starting -- in reno, past noon tomorrow. cold pocket behind that drops the snow level from 7500 feet down to perhaps 4,000. keep an eye on that. a variety of watches and warnings out in this air. high wind watches turning into high wind warnings later. the first one is a freezing rain advisory for this area of state, northeast and that's in effect from tonight at around now until 10:00 a.m. in the morning. be aware of that. not a lot, maybe a 10th of a freezing rain. but any amount of freezing rain on the road is a huge problem.
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we're at 50 right now. the only cooler spot is truckee, but still above freezing. air quality is good and wind speeds are calming down. we're following up on an alleged assault and robbery on the unr campus. there was in fact no crime committed and the woman who reported it admitted she made the story up. it was reported about 3:00 yesterday at the west stadium garage. students received notifications through the campus-wide emergency alert system. we're told the woman who made the report is cooperating with investigators. a nevada acceptably man's dui case raises the question can you be charged with driving under the influence without driving. why was he arrested? >> well, shelby, it happened
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happened for the day last summer. richard carillo went out to get drinks in the city. he got into a car parked on the seat and turned the engine on to stay warm while he waited for a ride. the assembly man blew a .10 and was arrested for dui. was conviction was recently overturned because his blood test was not found to be admissible evidence. i sat down to ask why he was charged with dui in the first place. >> the engine running was a significant factor. whether you intended to drive when you left, whether you attempted to operate the motor vehicle when you awakened -- >> assembly man carillo says he
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under the influence. and the assembly man had a pistol in his pocket, but he does have a concealed carry permit. you can read more about the laws of possession of a firearm while intoxicated in my full report. federal jury has indicted a 60 year old reno lawyer on conspiracy and tax charges. del mar hardy was charged on one count each of conspiracy and obstruction related charges. hardy operates the hardy law group in reno. prosecutors say he and an accomplice failed to properly report cash and money orders deposited into their company, xyz real estate llc. $8 million trade secrets
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they filed a lawsuit in 2014 after a corporate analyst for pepper mill was caught using a reset key to gather information from its slot machines. state investigators found he had also collected data from at least 10 other nevada casinos. the pepper mill was fined $10 million. they want an injunction as well as legal fees. they can still appeal the jury's decision. a study has found the washoe county's program for gifted students is biased. white students make up the majority of the gifted program. according to a study by west ed, about 45% of the district's students are white. but about 65% of the students identified as gifted or talented are white. the ratio must be fixed
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tonight is the first gop debate of 2016 and it's off to a start without the party's front runner donald trump. we join terri hendry from the republican party's favorite gathering place. they're still expecting to draw a crowd. >> reporter: you know, shelby, donald trump is clearly the front runner now as we head into the iowa caucuses next week, but his decision not to attend the debate isn't a factor here. i'm going to step out of the shot here and show you what a difference an hour makes. this room is continuing to fill up even though the debate has started. they say that they haven't made up their minds, most of the ople here, and they want to see the rest of the candidates. ted cruz has taken the spotlight and he along with
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here in northern nevada, but so does ben carson and carly fiorina who already spoke and is not at the big table tonight. trump is attending his own affair, a benefit for veterans. there are a few folks who thought he would show up at the last minute, even some who joked they should break out a cardboard stand-in of him. we will be watching and listening and we will bring you the latest tonight on news 4 beginning at 11:00. reporting -- i'm terri hendry. coming up, still ahead on news 4 nightly, local baristas are taking their skills to the national arena. what they're doing to prepare
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>> this is called the owner of the las vegas sands casino company wants to help build a professional grade stadium at the unlv campus and he's meeting with the oakland raiders. a $1 billion domed stadium that could be shared by a professional team as well as unlv. sand's owner has scheduled a meeting tomorrow with raiders owner. two local baristas from old world coffee will be compete nothing the coffee championships in kansas city next week. john french and chris garrison will be judged not only on the taste of the coffee but also the presentation. they will have to talk about where the coffee came from and how they are preparing it.
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night for the past three months. >> you're talking about public speaking for 10 straight minutes while physically moving about a cafe environment. i guess i could have winged it, but i'm more of a preparer. >> the coffee will duo will be using is from the hub coffee roasters and will be sold at old world coffee after that competition. colin jackson joins us now. >> you know what, it kind of just tapping on the door for now in the tahoe area. but it will start pounding on it and soon the door will fly open and it will come. showers to light snow in pockets here. not a lot of it. it was snowing today and then it turned to slush. the coldest air with this storm is not here yet. overall, it's quiet for the most part.
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round of rain and snow mix is on interstate 80 well east of here near elko. in that area, there's kind of a freezing rain advisory, which means it could happen in spots between now and 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. here we are at boreal where night skiing doesn't seem to be too popular of a choice today. the coldest air is behind the front. when that comes in, oh, boy, you will feel it. the winds are going to be picking up tomorrow around 20 to 30 miles per hour. this brown area means a high wind watch turns into a warning tomorrow indeed. this one is from the tahoe area all the way through yosemite and kings canyon national park to the south. today was warm. 28 was the low this morning. we had clear skies all night. that's why we dipped below freezing again. tonight i don't think that will be the case because the clouds
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right now, 50 as of 6:15. winds are southwest at around 7 miles per hour. here we go. future clouds and radar. rain stays mainly to our west. however, here's the scene in the morning at 9:00. tahoe still has rain and then we get to our area and you know what, rain should be falling not heavy in your area, but at times, yes. from noon forward. and it stays rain until friday night late. then we get to 11:00 tomorrow night. it turns to snow and stays snowing overnight in the tahoe area. we could see flakes on the ground in reno-sparks. anything else at that elevation because prove hundred feet looks like a likely snow level for sunday morning. overnight low tonight, 35. windy. 60 the high.
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and it's a 50/50 proposition of that. mainly west side of town. i don't think you'll see snow at 5500 feet until we get to saturday morning. overnight lows in blue. elko down to 29. west wind at 27. southwest winds 15 to 20 with a rain-snow mix and maybe freezing rain. mammoth 25, highs in the upper 40s. some places above 60 like fallon and lovelock. 64 in dayton, same thing for silver springs. fernley might get to 65 tomorrow as well. southwest winds at 30 to 40 miles per hour. very windy on tahoe. turns to snow late in the evening. a lot of rain at first which isn't the best thing for the snow. nixon might even hit 63 as well. a little cooler in susanville. you guys will be in the 50s tomorrows.
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floor. 62 to sixty five degrees with southwest winds. overall, the rain chances are healthy in carson city. rain mix sunday morning. in tahoe, it will snow and it will be tricky getting overall mountain passes. drive slowly. don't just speed thinking you can do anything. >> you're thinking this storm is going to pack a little bit more of a punch? right? this will be a little stronger. coming up after the break, military experts are keeping their eyes on isis militants
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in recent months, isis has lost much of its territory in iraq and syria to freedom fighters but now the islamic state is establishing a new foot hold where it can strike its prized target, the west. where isis aims to plant its next flag. >> reporter: military analysts estimate there are now several thousand isis soldiers in the northern african nation of libya. rome is the ultimate target of the islamic state. >> i think the pope ought to be taking it seriously, so should europe. this is a jumping off point. >> reporter: isis has controlled the libyan city of sirte for months. it serves as a base for shipping and transportation.
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radius of most of southern europe, including a great portion of italy. isis has threatened to overwhelm europe with an influx of libyan -- >> using this idea of a destabilizing wave of migration as deterrents. >> reporter: after the paris attacks last year, the threats on europe have not ceased. >> there's no reason to doubt their interest. >> reporter: experts say isis has already targeted several libyan oil refineries. the islamic state is already shoring up alliances with other african based jihadist groups like boko haram. >> there is the connectivity across africa. >> reporter: coalition partners
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in washington, i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> and military analysts say thousands of isis soldiers in libya are seasoned veterans of
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why and some more international news tonight. isis is claiming responsibility for another attack. allison brings us the latest tonight from washington. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. isis is claiming responsibility for the latest terror attack, this one in yemen. a suicide car bomber attacked the president checkpoint. the explosion killed at least 11 people.
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at the checkpoint. 2 of the people killed were school children. and it may sound fake, but a 19 year old in australia will go on trial for allegedly trying to plan a terror attack using kangaroos. he is accused of plotting to strap explosives to kangaroos and let them loose on police officers. he's also accused of plotting to run over a police officer and he faces life in prison. i'm allison starling. the so-called affluenza is back on u.s. soil and in a detention f facility. ethan couch arrived -- he and his mother were subjects of an international man hunt. he was put on probation after killing 4 people in a drunk
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texas deputies say they hope justice will finally be served for the victims and their families. the world health organization said today the zika virus that has been linked to birth defects is spreading explosively. the who director general dr. margaret chan said the virus was becoming much more of a threat. the who said the americas could see up to 4 million cases of zika in the next year. chan said there is no proof that it was responsible for the number of babies being worn with small heads. >> the possible links only recently suspected have rapidly changed the risk profile of zika from a mild threat to one
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>> the who will hold an emergency meeting of independent experts on monday to decide whether the outbreak should be declared an international health emergency. there were memorials public and private across the country and even in space today for the 30th anniversary of the shuttle challenger disaster. the most public service was at the kennedy space center in florida where the disaster happened on january 28th, 1996. >> reporter: after a half dozen delays leading up to it, the shuttle challenger launched florida. the 7 astronauts' family and friends and plenty of others watched from the grandstands. but shuttle launches had become so routine that only one country to watch. that is until some 70 seconds into flight. >> challenger, go with throttle up. >> reporter: year-long
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would conclude cold weather caused parts of the shuttle to break apart, causing the explosion -- and the nation -- to stop in shock. the challenger 7 were remembered at an michelle service thursday at cape canavarel. >> gregory -- >> reporter: it included a -- >> at a time when many people would think only of the impending launch, christa was taking care of a teacher's business. >> reporter: there was even a tribute by those of nasa's current mission. >> i would like to take a moment of silence and recognize the sacrifice of all those crew members and how their spirit
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achievement in space. >> reporter: achievements that followed the tragedy of 30 years ago today. chris clackum, nbc news. coming up, when we come back, the x games are set to
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alex margulies will introduce welcome back. the winter x games starts up today in aspen and nearly a dozen locals are set to compete. alex margulies introduces us to one of the athletes with a remarkable story. >> reporter: having a chance to compete in the x games stage is an accomplishment itself but the battle tray had to overcome
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on a spectacular blue bird day up in the high sierra, there's no place tray would rather be than getting early morning runs in at sugar bowl. he looks like any other skier, except he only has one ski. and because of injuries he suffered at the battle field, he has to sit. but forget the bunny slopes. tray's out to prove he's one of the best on the mountain. >> i kind of like when people look at me, they're like oh, that's so sweet, the handicap boy is skiing again. and then when i'm mocking by them on a pitch that is difficult to ski anyway, it just kind of blows their minds. moguls, trees, powder, chutes, i've done it all. you know, i've been skiing
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i fancy myself being a pretty solid skier. >> reporter: i tried keeping up with tray today and it was nearly impossible. this guy is a ski demon on the slopes. >> i probably top off at 65 miles per hour. >> reporter: it was heart charging like for any skier, can come with consequences. what do you give that fall out of a 10? >> i give that a 12 out of 10. >> reporter: for marine corps sergeant thomas humphrey the third, a hard crash on the slopes isn't going to shake him up. >> my unit was in afghanistan and it was a pretty violent area. and a call came over the radio that one of my buddies had stepped on an iud and it didn't detonate.
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he couldn't walk. i volunteered to wake my guys up and head out and try to do what we could to assist. as soon as we got out there, it just -- it's like the hornet's nest just got kicked. all of a sudden, you can hear the taliban moving behind this tree line and they just opened up with these machine guns and it put my squad in a bad spot and then i tried to get up to run to pick up some more cover and concealment and as soon as i took two steps, i stepped on an iud. the blast flipped me up in the air and everything went like slow motion. i couldn't hear anything. i didn't really feel anything. and i just remember thinking i'm upside down. and then i landed in a crater and that's when i looked down
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skiing, no hiking, great, my life's over. >> reporter: that's your first thought. you're in a crater in afghanistan, you just lost a leg and one of your first thoughts is about skiing? >> yeah. very first one. i'm sure my wife would like to hear that but -- i mean, it's true. it's a pretty selfish feeling, but at the same time, that's just -- you can't control that. and then obviously my thoughts immediately turned to -- we're back in afghanistan, now i'm in a crater, now i'm in trouble. >> reporter: did it surprise you that the first thing that came to his mind is am i ever going to ski again? >> not at all. the first thing that came to my mind was skiing and his subaru. he loved driving his subaru. when my mom and his parents came to my work to pick me up,
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i was hysterical. >> reporter: tray credits his team for getting him out of that crater alignment within 15 minutes, he was on a helicopter to a base. within 35 minutes he was on the operating table. after several brushes with death, several weeks in a coma and a grueling recovery process, he would pull through. 26 surgeries and months of recovery later, it wasn't long before tray had his mind set on the mountains again. >> i was in the hospital, someone sent me videos of adapted skiing. and i thought okay, so there is life after this injury for me. >> reporter: how big was being able to ski important for his recover process? >> when he got the opportunity to ski, it was like we were -- we were in such disbelief.
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he was still in a wheelchair. i thought there's no way he can do this. he had no troubles whatsoever. he picked it up so quick. that was a huge inspiration just knowing it gave him motivation that i can do this. >> reporter: for the first time since his surgery, he felt like himself again. >> i remember complete white out and i was instantly back home and transported. it felt -- even though i was on a monoski and not standing up, it felt the exact same. it felt like i was going to tahoe to ski with friends. >> the course could not be much better. look at this. blue bird skies and the snow is packed as we are set to go. these monoski racks, they are amazing. >> reporter: this year's trip to the x games will be his
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he came up just short of qualifying for the finals last year. he's been training every night in the gym to make sure he has a better showing. >> i'd say my chances are pretty good this year. last year i didn't know what to expect. i was a rookie and i felt that. this year, i go into it knowing, you know, what the course set up is going to be like, what the start is going to be like, who my competition is and i've been working hard all season to be ready for it. >> reporter: are you proud of him for doing this and competing -- what he's been through, i mean, is there a word you would use? >> beyond proud. he has pushed so much harder since his injury. there's so much more he does now and so much effort just to show other people a tragic incident like this isn't going to hold you back and he can inspire other kids who have injuries and just seeing how
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our kids have a true hero to look up to. >> going to kung fu? it's nice to be able to be good at something again. regardless of the disability. and skiing has always been one of those things that it's just -- it's just so much fun and it's freeing and a great experience. >> reporter: pretty incredible. i spoke with tray earlier today. he told me the course is, quote, going to be epic. a bigger and technical course than last year. i think he should fit in very nicely in the competition. he will compete friday in the qualifying round. if he advances, he will take a shot at the finals in aspen.
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a lot to be proud of there. the university of nevada basketball team is celebrating
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we'll talk with coach albright hi, everybody. i'm colin jackson. we're talking about rainfall chances and snowfall chances. not finding much here, but in this area, near elko, it has been kind of a light rain, freezing mix of rain and snow. this is going to be messy in this area all the way in the overnight period until tomorrow. boreal, the lights are on, but i don't see anyone there in the night skiing. you don't want to ski in that stuff. mainly cloudy. showers trying to get here.
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guess what, that is the snow line behind that front. first we get a warm disarm system in first, then the cold air comes in and we have a warm air system that's not going to move until sunday. watches and warnings time. we have high wind watches which always turn into a warning. this is in effect for most of the day friday. here is the pink. that is a winter storm warning in effect for most of friday until saturday morning. that extends all the way to yosemite. be prepared to travel with chains. it's going to be raining mainly, but once we get to 11:00 p.m., midnight tomorrow, that's when it's going to start to snow, and a lot of it. 50 is our current temperature. upper 40s, this is not a cold system yet, but it will be. future cast takes us into a cloudy night. rain all the way into most of 80.
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it stays wet in the form of rain. then what happens? here comes the snow. this changes every time i run it. 11:00 p.m. forward to dawn on saturday morning, it is snowing and here's the scene saturday. 4:00, 5:00 in the morning in reno. and all points east could see snow on the valley floor. half an inch, quarter of an inch. but don't be surprised to find more at elevations like 5500 feet and up. and we have a few of those in town. here's the scene saturday 5:00 p.m., mostly cloudy, chances of snow coming down. 45 will be our low tonight. maybe a sprinkle, but not a lot. here is friday. end of the week and we have our second storm. 60 will be the high. southwest winds and 30 to 40 miles per hour. overnight lows not that cold. it's been single digits, but tonight because of the cloud cover and the atmosphere
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mainly in the upper 20s to low 30s. but it will be windy and a rain, icy mix tomorrow morning. on this page, we have highs some spots hitting the mid-60s. overnight lows way above freezing, probably in the 40- degree range. that's not bad at all. warmer tomorrow. fernley, dayton, yerington, southwest winds at 30, 40 miles per hour around the lake. afternoon highs will be well above average, 45, 50 degrees. highs in the upper 50s to low 60s -- that's not bad. in the valley floor, tell be a nice day, windy and a 30% chance of rain. carson city, wet, snow mix on saturday. it will snow in tahoe definitely and then here are the numbers for reno-sparks. get ready for a wet and wild weekend. take your chains, drive slowly and guess what, it's going to
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not a good day for golf. of course it is january. >> it is january. brian is in now with sports and a huge mile stone has been researched for the wolf pack. >> it has been uphill fight for the women's basketball team trying to get the to level for their head coach. and no. 500 is the win we've been talking about. made history last night out on the road with the ladies' 75-74 victory. gene albright has landed her 500 win of her coaching career. before that she was the winningest coach in wisconsin and illinois. 500 wins. coach says she credits those around her for achieve thanksgiving mile stone. >> it's just really
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of all the people that i've been able to be associated with in this great game, whether it's my grave staffs i've had throughout the years, athletic directors that have hired me, fired me, fans, family. the best thing about sports is it brings everybody together. >> the nevada women return to the floor on saturday afternoon. the university will be holding a celebration. tip off set for 4:00. there will be an all-sport kids clinic prior to the game free to children 7th grade and under. all fans who attend the clinic can stay for the game free of charge. high school basketball season in its final weeks of the year. tonight we head to northwest
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monster year so far. 7 and a half rebounds, two and a half blocks per game for the lancers who sit at 13 and 9 overall. we're swinging by practice tonight. we'll talk to him on news 4 at 11:00. when you're 6 foot 11, it's just not fair at times. >> back to coach albright. talk about a class act. it's so great to see she's had so much success here. she is such a neat person. have a tough game. >> she is a southern belle. albright. it's a great product. the players appreciate it. they're great in the classroom, fans. free. the all-sports clinic means
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coming up tonight on news 4 at 11:00, she made her rounds on social media after being stolen from her own yard last week. now diva is back with her family and van tieu tells us
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kids and their imaginations come in all shapes and sizes and now so does barbie. beginning today the new shapes can be purchased online along the original barbie body. mattel has been transforming her over the years to come in line with more realisticked about types. and that brings us to our news 4 web poll question: we want to know tonight do you support mattel's decision to diversify barbie? thirty five% of you say no. there's still plenty of time to vote and you'll find the web poll on our home page, colin is back. if you have plans to head out of town, sooner rather than later; right? take a look at what's going on with our 7 day forecast.
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mainly from noon, but i think everyone will see it. then we have a rain-snow mix
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